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Systems of equations 101

These are videos that describe how to find solutions to systems of equations.  A system of equations is simply two lines (although we could use any graph able function, but we will be using lines exclusively) that are graphed on one grid so that you can find where they intersect.  The solution is the coordinate point.  Solving systems of equations is the second major theme of algebra 1 (quadratics are the first).

There are three was to solve systems they are:
1) graphing
2) substitution
3) addition/multiplication
Graphing is the easiest to understand but takes the longest.

Please view these videos because systems of equations will be on the interim this week.  We will be doing an exhaustive study of systems in about six weeks.

How to solve a system of equations by graphing basics
How to solve a system of equations by graphing 1 (special case - infinite solutions)
9-2 How to solve a linear system using substitution
9-4 How to solve systems of equations with multiplication/addition method
9-5 How to translate English into a system of equations