Friday, January 25, 2013

Optional algebra sheet help

6-4 Least Common Denominator
6-5 Adding and Subtracting Fractions with Polynomial Expressions

I will be checking the edmodo page in the afternoon on Saturday if you would like to ask any questions

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Don't forget that you need to have 2 competitions completed and corrected throught he videos on the mathletics site

Homework Assignment Sheet

Mr. Framke’s Homework Schedule       8th grade algebra & CMP

Monday        1/21
Tuesday    1/22
Wednesday       1/23
Thursday          1/24
Friday         1/25
Inauguration day
Professional day
Measure of center tendency
SWS Check up
SWS Inv 4.1
Inv 4.2 start 4.3
Geometry (area)
Inv 4.3 and 5.1
Homework Due:
Homework Due:
Algebra sheet cum review chapter 4 and 5
Homework Due:
Homework Due:
Ace 1, 2, 8-10 p. 60
Homework Due:
Ace 11-18, 36, 37 p.60
No Algebra Sheet
Due, but there is an extra credit sheet you can do.
Monday    1/28
Tuesday          1/29
Wednesday       1/30
Thursday         1/31
Friday         2/1
Inv 5.2 and 5.3
Looking back / Looking Ahead
Linear graphing
Unit test
Unit rates 1
Radicals !
Homework Due:
Ace 1-3,  39 p. 76
Homework Due:
Ace 8, 10-12, 19 p. 76
Homework Due:
Finish lb/la including reflections
Homework Due:
Ace 18-20, 51, 52 in the third ace section
Homework Due:
Algebra sheet evens due

Note:  Extra help will be Thursday 1/24 & Tuesday 1/31 after school 3:10-4:20

Friday, January 18, 2013

Quadratic Formula Songs

The class with the most views as seen from my computer at 8:00am Wednesday will get the night off of homework (and assuming that 90% of the class can recite the formula).

As of Tuesday morning, 8d is crushing 8F.  You gotta be kiding me 8F, they have almost doubled you!  You must be hoping for homework Wednesday night.

Quadratic formula intro 1
Quadratic formula intro 2 

Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer conclusion
Deleted scene

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wed Jan 16 Videos

First do the warm-up then play this video

sws inv 3.3 wu

Then  do the warm-up assessment.  You should play the video while the kids work on the problem to see if they can do it faster then 8F
sws inv 3.3 wu assessment

Then read the text book (investigation 3.3)

and play this video
sws inv 3.3 launch

have volunteers come up and do some problems on the board

Friday, January 11, 2013

Homework reminder

Your homework 'worksheet' is on edmodo.  Enjoy!

If you have the highest score submited before the Broncos game starts at 2:30, you will get a homework pass.  DO NOT forget to include a score for your game prediction.   This is what will be used for any tie breakers.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

NEW! Answers posted

All the answers for Say it With Symbols are now posted on the say it with symbols page!

Simpifying fractions

Basketball players, here's some help for you tonight
How to simplify polynomial fractions part 1
How to simplify polynomial fractions part 2
How to simplify polynomial fractions part 3

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