Saturday, October 24, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015

We've landed.

We're off to Denver. See you at 7:10

Good bye Sea Camp

Thank you :

Group 2

Sea camp history

On an whim Wes, one of the Counselors pulled Ally into a wave backwards. Jack P declared that he wanted to ride backwards too, but he forgot the magic word so he was refused. A bunch of boys started started trying to catch waves backwards which the Sea Camp staff has never seen done and declared it impossible. A minute or two later Christian caught one backwards by himself setting Sea Camp history. Soon the entire group started catching ride in their backs causing the staff to declare this the best boogie boarding group ever. 

Here's the record setting group. 

Last boogie

Going to boogie board now.

Good morning

Breakfast was croissant sandwiches 

The view of la jolla from mt Soledad. 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sea Camp Day 4

Greetings from San Diego,  

I'm not sure I can spin todays activities into rainbows and smiles and do the kids justice (not to mention that I don't have the energy).  It was a rough boat trip. Looking at the ocean, one wouldn't think that a whale watching on the California coast would pose a problem. Well, apparently there's a storm surge way off the coast that is bring a large swell toward San Diego. As a result the boat was steadily rocked by five foot waves which resulted in 25 students (and me) throwing up. I felt much better afterwards, but most of the kids didn't rebound as quickly. Once the group snorkel in the second largest kelp forest in the world, the plan was to motor to the 9 mile trench where a large number of whales have been feeding in the nutrient rich upswells. The problem with 9 mile trench is that it is nine miles from shore where the kelp forest is located.  After a quick Sea Camp staff and Slavens teacher conference it was determined that the kids were in no shape for the hour one way trip. For those who were still up for sea life sight seeing, we did get to see a manta ray slap the surface of he water and an occasional common dolphin came to briefly ride the boats bow and stern waves. 

Fortunately, we trawled the bottom of the calm San Diego bay prior to heading off to the open ocean. In years past, we have trawled the mission bay channel so we had a different display of critters then in years past. THe highlight was the cutest horn shark I have ever seen. 

Once we returned to base, we had a slightly longer freetime so kids could recover. Tonight is the much anticipated bonfire. Have a s'more and think of them. Goodnight. 


Sea lions or human?

Nap time