Substitue Plans

Sub Plans 1/25
Open the flip chart on the thumb drive called SIWS book and warm-up and go to the green warm-up page Investigation 4.3 (page 99).  the problems are finding the area and perimeter of shapes.  Have the kids work on it for 5 minutes then have volunteers work through the problems on the board.  The answers are on the next page.

Then go to the next red page (it has a cirlce on it) and have them work the problem.  After 3-5 minutes, play this video:
sws inv 4 3 launch

Then work on the problem as pairs and then with 10 minutes left, have kids come up and move equations onto the correct rectangles.  You will need to go to that page.

This should give them enough to do.

Sub plans for 8/30 and 8/31


Thank you for subbing for me today.  The schedule is on the board.  You will have the first elective and lunch off.  The first two core periods are 8th grade math and core 3 and 4 are 7th grade math.  Elective 2 is mathletics.

At the beginning of each class, have a volunteer check the homework in.  There are clipboards with class lists on the desk.

8th grade
Start with this warm up
I think that clicking on the picture will enlarge it.

Here is the video explanation:
Twmm inv 1 3 warm up part 1
twmm inv 1 3 warm up part 2

Then play this video to launch Investigation 1.3
twmm inv 13 launch

Have the students work in partner groups.  Once every kids is done or close to done then either have kisd explain the investigation or play this video (it's 12 minute long)
twmm inv 1 3 summary


There is a check-up on my desk.  When kids are done (and it may be quick, collect the papers and then pass out the work sheet on the desk.  What they don't finish is extra homework.  Collect the completed ones.