Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Missing Books List

Here are the students who are missing books.  Each book is $10 and your grades will not be released until the fine has been paid or you return the book to the office.

Austin Berry: Thinking with Math Models
Ainsley Boren: Say it with Symbols,
Halie White: Say it with Symbols, Shapes of Algebra (2 books)

Spencer McPhail: Say it with Symbols
Juan Soto: Say it with symbols

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sub Plans Wednesday

I'm sorry that I am not her on our first constructed drawing day.  You should still be able to start via videos.  There are 2 rules that must be followed ALWAYS
1) You my only draw a line or an arc with a compass or a ruler.  NO freehand drawing.
2) You may only draw a line that connects two points of intersection. No drawing a line because you think it looks right.

These drawings are graded at the beginning of following days class, so you are turning these in and they do count.
10 points- best in class
9.5 points- correctly constructed with additional constructions
8.5 points- correctly constructed and colored nicely with the use of a rule on the edges
7.5 points- correctly constructed not colored (exactly like the example)
6.5 points- not correctly constructed

Your first drawing is of a cube with a corner taken out.  The example is in the top left corner of the video.
Here are the how to videos.  You are going to have to pause the video as the students follow the instructions.  Try not to move to the next step until everyone has successfully gotten their drawing to look like the one on the screen.

Good luck!
cd cube part 1
cd cube part 2

This is how the drawing go.  We find one hidden line together an the rest is up to you to figure out.  Once your drawing is completed, feel free to get your markers from your locker to color.  You can also add a smalled cube inside the missing corner for the 9.5.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Homework assignment sheet

OK, here we go...
I am not making an assignment sheet from here to the end of the year.  Instead, I am going to give you a list of work in the order that we will do it as soon as the alegebra test is complete.  Your homework until the test will be work sheets.

1) 2 days of end of the year portfolio work
2) Constructed drawing 1: Cube
3) Constructed drawing 2: interlocking triangles
4) Constructed drawing 3: Interlocking squares
5) Constructed drawing 4: Octoburst
6) Constructed drawing 5: 5-pointed star (hard)
7) Constructed drawing 6: You choose a new pattern to figure out from a pattern book
8) Constructed drawing 7: Final project

For the constructed drawings you will need a pencil (machanical will wokr best) and a ruler (all of mine are gone, so you must provide them).  I have cheap compasses from yur supply packs, but if you have a nice one, you should bring it.