Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sub Plans for 10/09 Investigation 4.2

These are the plans for 8th grade.
.5) Turn on the projecter with the remote on the desk. (when the students are working, please push the NO SHOW button on the remote so that we can save the bulb.)
.75) Have the students turn their homework into the correct slot at anytime during the period
1) Click on the link below this task and follow the verbal directions. Please pause the video when instructed so that the students can work, then resume it once everybody is ready for the answers
2) Launch investigation 4.2 by clicking on the link below and follow the verbal dirctions.
3) Allow students to work on the investigation in their table groups.
4) While students are working, allow one volunteer to check homework.
5) Once everyone is done with the investigation, click on the link below to show the investigation summary.
6) If there is time, students may work on their homework that is due on Monday. You may need to open the assignment sheet a couple of posts down if kids haven't printed it out.
7) Enjoy being around the kids

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