Wednesday, January 6, 2010

sub plans 1/07 - s&p inv 1.3

Barb, I forgot to say that the last period mathletics class should do the mock competition that is on the desk. They should do the individual round. This round is with calculators and each page takes 6 min. The kids know what to do. After, check the answers and have volunteers explain problems that several people got wrong.

There is a competition on Wednesday. Those who are on the official traveling team need to get permission slips from me tomorrow. Please remind me.

1) play warm up video. pause to allow kids to work, then play the explination

sp inv 1 3 wu

2) I launched the investigation 1.2 yesterday. Students should work in pairs to finish. Make sure that everyone actually makes the graphs as described in investigation 1.3

3) Before students start the investigation, play this video

sp inv 1 3 how to make a box and whisker plot

4) There is no homework tonight.

5) during the investigation, have someone check homework (clipboards are on the low grey file cab)

6) Students in mathletics need to work on correcting their competitions from Tuesday. They may use the binder to check their work. If someone has completed their corrections, then you can give them one of the competitions on the desk to work on.

7)we will summarize the investigation on Friday


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