Monday, February 22, 2010

sub plans feb 23

To play the videos, please unplug the microphone from the computer and turn the volume up on the board.

1)Warm-up: Copy one of the riddle worksheets and pass it out. Students should do one side for their warm-up.

2) Investigation 1.2:
Students will read investigation 1.2 and then do the investigation. They should remember that slope can be found by (y2-y1)/(x2-x1). Caitlin, Claire, Sara, Paige, and Katie can be useful in 8a for helping the class. If needed, they should find the equation of one line on one of then white dry erase boards that can be saved for the next class.

3)Pass out the algebra sheet for the week (it's on the front table and it's one page)
Students should do the multiples of three.

4)Pass out the CSAP packet. It is due tomorrow. I have some originals that are not stapled on top. If you are having troubles reading, those should be better. Mrs. Degi's printer is needing a new cartridge desperately. I have one problem on the blog that you can view if you need to fill time.
csap wood stack

Here are other videos you can play to fill time.

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