Monday, April 5, 2010

sub plans 4/6

Good Morning,

I have told both classes what they must finish.

1) Yesterday students finished investigation 4.4 a-c. The first half of class, they must finish the rest of the investigation. After 20 to 25 minutes, ask for three volunteers to work d2, e2, and e4 on the dry-erase board

2) Once those three problems are done, students should turn to investigation 5.1, and read the text.

3) Once everyone has read the text, play this video
soa gr 5 1

4) Students should work in pair groups on the investigation.

6) While students are working, have a student check homework (7a:Caitlin 7b:Grady)

7) Whith 7-10 minutes left, play this video
soa inv 5 1 summary

8) If there is time remaining, the class can play heads up 7 up or you can have a student(s) play the pyramid panic game from the blog site

The eighth grade has some added insentive, so please let me know how well they work today.

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