Saturday, September 4, 2010

Budapest Sub Plans

Thank you Ms. Ferrell for taking my place this week while I compete in the ITU Triathlon World Championships.

Here's how things should work, I am giving a list of work to be done in chronological order and the students should work through as much as possible. There is a benchmark on Thursday that will take place in the computer room with Mrs. Hatchett. There is a paper and pencil portion of the test which should be given as a warm-up on Friday. Each investigation has launch and summary videos which must be viewed. At some points, the videos ask you to stop them and let students work before you continue the video. Launch videos are seen before the investigation and summary videos come after all students have finished and students are given an opportunity to present their work. Simple.

Homework is on the blog. The new algebra sheets are on the desk and should be passed out. The old algebra sheets are in the turn in bins and should be returned.

Investigation 3.2 (may take a day and a half)
twmm inv 3.2 launch part 1
twmm inv 3.2 launch part 2
twmm inv 3.2 summary a and b
twmm inv 3 2 summary c

Investigation 3.3 (one day)
twmm inv 33 launch
twmm inv 33 summary all

Mathematical reflections investigation 3 (1/2 day)

In the student books after the ace questions
Students write discuss with partners for 5 min, then write at the quality that Mrs. Degi would accept. Then have 2 students read answers for each question.

Looking Back / Looking ahead (1 to 3/2 of a day)
twmm looking back looing ahead
There is no summary

If students finish an investigation early and are needing things to do, they they can do the algebra sheet or their homework. If everyone in the class is behaved and on task, then you may play mummy ball at your discretion.



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