Tuesday, September 20, 2011

John Lynch Coach of the month award

There is a new award presented through the John Lynch Foundation for coach of the year.  Just in case you would like to nominate anyone, here is the web address for nominations: http://www.johnlynchfoundation.org/nominate-a-coach.aspx
Just wanted to throw this out there.
Kirk Framke
3000 S. Clayton St.
Denver, CO 80210
In five years the cross country team has grown from less than 10 runners to 50 runners in a middle school with approximately 150 middle school students.  Slavens girls have won the district title three times during these 5 years.   In addition to growing the cross country team, in only four years, the Slavens XC Invitational has become the largest middle school only athletic event in the Denver metro area if not the state with over 850 runners from 45 different schools from four counties. 
Links to the Denver Post pics:
Other Slavens XC Invite media:
Other Framke media from this year:

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