Monday, November 12, 2012

Sarah G. (and anyone else interested)

Sarah,  They are on the algebra enrichment tab under chapter 4 test.  If you have specific questions, I will be online doing my grades for the rest of the day so you can email me directly at or it may be best if we communicate through by commenting to this posting so that others may benefit.  Please type the questions out since I don't have the test at home.

Mr. Framke


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  2. I just looked again and the question aren't the right questions, like Livvy said. They aren't the questions on the test and I first thought that they would just be problems that are similar with the same format but they aren't even similar.

  3. So per the post what question(s) would you like help on?

  4. Ok. So I know test corrections were already due, but I was wondering how to do the last one on the first page.

  5. Basically you must get t by itself.
    a = P + Prt So first subtract P from both side so you have...
    a - P = Prt What's the opposite of multiplying by Pr? Dividing by Pr
    (a - P) / Pr = t

    And that's it.