Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pi day Fun!

Sir Circumference and the Dragon of Pi
Please watch this early and often.  It doesn't count your view unless you reach the end!

Pi Domino

Pi Song (this is great!)


  1. All i can say is that it is really unrealistic how the medicine at the end cured the stomach ache as well. Plus shouldn't the king be tougher, i mean come on, it was probably just Indigestion. Radius should have been punished for taking medicine from the doctor. Why didn't Lady diameter just tell everyone that the dragon was her husband?

  2. wait did he say his stomach felt like fire, or butter, i couldn't tell.

  3. I came up with a list of possible conditions:
    . Acid reflux( painful burning sensation in esophagus)
    . Irritable bowel syndrom: disorder that leads to abdominal pain, cramping
    it would probably something like food poisoning though because the pain lasted more than a few hours

  4. Why was the doctor out, the doctor is always in for the king, he should have been there, or lock his room otherwise that mess would have NEVER happened.