Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Pi day pie baking contest

Just a reminder, if you want to eat pie on the Pi day celebration (3/16) then we need pies brought in on Pi day. Donated pies can be store bought. Pi baking contest pies must be homemade.

Here are the rules:

Pi Day Baking contest Rules and Procedures:


1) Pies must be home-made (pre-made crusts are acceptable)

2) Students must participate in the making of the pies. No parent only made pies

3) Pies must be delivered to the students’ homeroom by 7:25 on Friday 3/13

4) If there is dairy in anything other than butter, please make a note of it on the top

5) If pies are diabetic friendly (no sugar) please note that on the top of the pie


1) Pies will be checked into homerooms by 7:25 with this form signed my both the student and the parent.

2) At that time, a numbered sticker will be stuck to the bottom of the pie and on this form. Students must keep this form with the number.

3) Student council representatives will taste pies from a homeroom and judge each pie (see below for pie tasting rubric) before school starts.

4) Student council judges will determine the top two entries from each homeroom and those eight pies will be taken to the middle school teachers for final judging.

5) The final judging will take place at 11:45 and will follow the same judging rubric.

6) The eight finalists and the over-all winner and runner-up will be announced at 11:45 during the Pi day awards presentation.

7) The winner will have the chance to throw a whipped-cream pie in Mr. Framke’s face, acknowledgement in the middle school news letter, and possible additional prizes.

Appearance: 10 points each

Pre-slice score (Includes consistency of crust or topping)

After slice score (based on degree of appropriate runniness, juiciness or firmness)

Crust: 10 points

(Flaky or mealy)

Filling: 10 points each

1) Impression of the first taste. Strength and balance of flavor appropriate for type of pie; balance of sweet and/or tartness.

2) Peripheral flavors should be balanced with main ingredient of pie),

3) Mouth Feel (appropriate consistency, i.e. thick, thin, smooth, creamy, chalky, mushy, runny, dry, sticky, etc.), Crust (flaky or mealy)

4) Aftertaste (pleasant or unpleasant).

Overall Impression: 10 points

Impressiveness, Creativity (based on originality).

Pie #

I ________________________ agree to the rules of this contest.

(Student name)


(Student signature)


(Parent signature

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

Pre-slice score

Post-slice score


Impression of the first taste

Peripheral flavors

Mouth Feel


Overall Impression

Total Score:

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